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In order to have health coverage you must work the amount of hours each month designated by your classification and what kind of coverage you choose. There are 2 plans to choose from and both planse are through Medical Mutual and have single and family coverage. Each plan also has prescription coverage.

  • Medical Mutual High Plan – This plan is a 90/10 plan with a deductible and co-insurance. Providers are through University & Cleveland Clinic Systems. For Commercial Journeymen you need to work 100 hrs/mo for single coverage and 150 hrs/mo for family coverage. For Apprentices & Shopmen, initiated after May 1991, must work 167 hr/mo for single coverage and 220 hrs/mo for family coverage.
  • Medical Mutual Low Plan – This plan is an 80/20 plan with prescription coverage and covers the same facilities as the High Plan. Commercial Journeymen must work 94 hrs/mo for single coverage and 138 hrs/mo for family coverage. Apprentices & Shopmen, initiated after May 1991, need to work 118 hrs/mo for single coverage and 160 hrs/mo for family coverage.

For every hour that you work, your contractor will contribute a certain dollar amount depending on your classification. This account is used for reimbursement of out of pocket medical expenses. The money you earn can not be lost except if you leave the Union. The money will roll over year after year. Our plan year is from May 1 thru April 30th. You have until July 31 to turn in any receipts for that time frame. The types of things you can be reimbursed on are: copays at the doctor, prescription copays, dental & vision bills. The bill must be paid to be reimbursed and the date is on the date of service not date of payment.

Cancelled checks, cash register receipts and credit card receipts are not acceptable. Statements from the provider, EOB’s and prescription printouts or ticket on bag are acceptable. You must fill out a claim form and turn in with all receipts. Checks are printed on the 1st and the 15th give or take if they land on a weekend.


This fund is used for health insurance you have used up your ending bank and are short for your monthly health coverage. This fund is a grant to the employee and does not need to be repaid. The requirements for this grant are: you must have worked a minimum of 480 hours for the prior 12 months that you are requesting help. You must sign the out-of-work book each month. You must fill out a Benevolent Fund Application and returned to the health & welfare office by the due date. If you have not worked the required 480 hours you may self pay the entire amount for 6 months. After six months you will have to choose C.O.B.R.A. or have your health insurance cancelled.